Live at Goodbye Blue Monday!

We're very happy to announce our first 2013 summer gig - Goodbye Blue Monday, Sunday, June 23rd, at 10pm. Hope to see you there!

CDs are in!

Mmmm that fresh CD smell...Stay tuned for info on release date!


The Royaly Cucko

Spending time spreading the marimba love in SFO.  As it turns out, there are some decent cocktail spots in the mission...the royal cucko with a Hammond b3 (and player) was pretty tough to beat...

Derby time

Delicious julep with home grown mint!

Meet Abbey!

We frequently credit our 3rd percussionist as Abbey.  And while that's not particularly fair to the amazing hand percussionists we play with, it does give us a good excuse to add a cute dog to the marketing mix.

The Record Is Done!

Very happy to announce that our debut record, "Raise A Glass Broken Land" is finally completed!  It's heading to the duplication plant - release date in about a month!  But in the meantime, have a sneak preview on the audio‚Ķ

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