The New Benjamin Britton

It’s no exaggeration for Rolling Stone to call The New Benjamin Britton “a band from Brooklyn.”  The New York Times even goes so far as to say “music.”*  But while such lofty praise is flattering, the band prefers to focus on the cold, hard facts: they are, empirically speaking, making the best music in the history of Western civilization.  Let’s explore why.

Britton Matthews, a classically trained NYC-based percussionist mans the marimba, vibraphone, and many other things you can hit with a stick or your hands.  Ben Cockerham, a former professional Lindy Hopper, handles bass and guitar simultaneously with an 8 string superaxe, and sings like a banshee.  The live show includes jungles of hand percussion, mystery instruments, and the occasional appearance of the band’s dog and mascot - a boxador named Abbey.  Their blend of marimba-guitar indie-pop tastes pretty good.  Not too bad at all.

The group will be releasing its debut LP, “Raise A Glass Broken Land” in Spring 2013, and will be touring across the northeast, midwest, Scandinavia, and the sub-continent during 2013 in support.  

Ben Cockerham - Vocals, 8 string Guitar
Britton Matthews - Vocals, Vibraphone, Percussion, marimba

Debut LP "Raise A Glass Broken Land" release slotted for May 2013.  

*not in reference to this band necessarily